The Mission: Memory of a Revolution – Heiner Müller

Premiere 25th of November 2016
Attis Theatre – “New Space”.

2nd period of performances


Excerpt from the play:
SASPORTAS: When the living will not be able to fight any more, the dead will. With each beat in the heart of the revolution, meat grows again around their bones, blood comes in their veins, life in their death. The revolt of the dead will be the war of the landscapes, our weapons the forests, the mountains, the seas, the deserts of the world. I will become a forest, a mountain, a sea, a desert. Me, this is Africa. Me, this is Asia. The two Americas, is me.


About the play:
“The Mission: Memory of a Revolution”, by the East German author Heiner Müller, was published in 1979 in the journal “Sinn und Form”. The play is based on the French Revolution. Recounts the attempt of three envoys of the revolutionary government in the English colony of Jamaica, to trigger an uprising of the slaves. The black slave Sasportas and the farmer Galountek, who have felt the oppression in their own skin, defie all difficulties, and wholeheartedly step in the fight to death. The white intellectual Debusson, son of a slaver and head of the triad, collides with himself: to be sacrificed in the heat of battle for the ideal of the Revolution or to enjoy the comfort and safety of the family home of the slaver?


Throughout the conflict and the internal division of the three revolutionaries and outside the context of a realistic narration, Heiner Müller, in a fragmeted way, within the rhythm of a nightmare or a dream, weaves a deeply poetic universefor loyalty, betrayal and the constant necessity of revolution.
Within the Mission, in accordance with the endearing habit of Heiner Muller, is placed a prose text, which refers to the world of Franz Kafka. The text is known by the title “The Man in the elevator” and shows the agony and fear of an official in a bureaucratic enterprise, who is unable to carry out the mission entrusted to him. The employee is unable to reach the office of his superior, while space and time are “derailing”.