The Justs | Alber Camus

Space of Historical Memory Korai 4, 1941-44 | Gestapo Prisons & KNOT Gallery | 2011-12


Award of New Creator 2011 by the Hellenic Association of Theatre Critics.


The Justs (original French title: Les Justes ) is a 1949 play by French writer and philosopher Albert Camus.

The play is based on the true story of a group of Russian Socialist-Revolutionaries who assassinated the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich during the Russian revolution of 1905.

The play explores the moral, political, psychological and philosophical issues associated with revolution, violence, love and terrorism.


In an absurd and cruel world which produces violence and savagery, a fundamental question arises:

Does the revolted have the right to kill? Are his actions morally justified?





Production Credits

Written by: Alber Camus

Translated by: Savvas Stroumpos

Directed by: Savvas Stroumpos

Dramaturgy: Nicos Yanikas

Adaptation: Zero Point Theatre Group

Set Design: Giorgos Kolios

Costume Design: Rebekka Gutsfeld

Lighting Design: Kostas Bethanis

Photographer: Christos Kiriakogonas

Trailler: Vagelis Bessis




Savvas Stroumpos | Ivan Kaliayev

Rosa Prodromou | Dora Doulebov

Miltiadis Fiorentzis | Boris Annenkov & Skouratov

Eleana Georgouli | Stepan Fedorov

Maria Athinaiou | The Grand Duchess & Alexei Voinov




The play’s translation is published by the Nefeli publications.


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